We are very excited and humbled to introduce the Heroes Program. We’ve taken our years of experience as top brokers on Long Island to bring rewards to the people that deserve it most… our everyday heroes. We hope that this company shows our heroes a small gratitude of thanks.

Annmarie Portaro
Annmarie Portaro is a top Associate Broker and Branch manager for Charles Rutenberg Realty.

“The beginnings of my career in  Prudential Douglas Elliman helped my refine the skills that blossomed into  the development of my own team under Remax North Shore. It was there I spent many years as a Top Producer until the company changed names.

Personally, I’m 1 of 5 children out of my family full of heroes. My brother is NYPD, my uncle is a Nassau Police officer, my dad is a retired correction officer. Also, my first cousin was lieutenant of first infantry and his son is now in West Point. All our close friends and family are either teachers, firefighters, police and military . I have 2 children, ages 9 and 10.  I would be proud if either of my children chose any of these courageous careers.

My belief in life is you live once and I would like to sit back when I’m old and gray and know I did something great that will carry on long after I’m gone. I couldn’t think of anything better than developing a company that is dedicated to our heroes and shows gratitude for their dedication and services. I‘ve cared for my elderly Grand Aunt and Uncle for the past 10 yrs. Watching them revel in their memories and accomplishments, seeing how it’s helped keep their spirits up,  has helped me to develop this company. I dedicate this company to them, and to all of our fallen heroes and their families.

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